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Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents sometimes referred to as OTA’s, Expedia and Booking.com are two of the most widely known.  When you use these to book your room please note you are not booking it through the B&B or hotel you are booking it through a 3rd party. If you need to change something the hotel or B&B cannot change it the OTA must change it. OTAs spend a lot of money on advertising getting you, the consumer, to use them and they are convenient. If you are going to use them please read what you’re booking. If it is the same room and one rate it $20 less than another there is a reason. At Huffman House we offer a “Standard Rate” a “Non- Refundable Rate” and a “Room Only Rate” all three rates are on the same room but three different prices. “Standard Rate” sometimes called “Best Rate” is a rate that comes with breakfast and may be canceled up to 48 hours prior to arrival date.  The “Non-Refundable Rate” does come with breakfast (in most cases) but you are locked in, you cannot change it and if you cancel you get charges a penalty of 100% of your stay.  The “Rooms Only Rate” is a rate that (in most cases) may be canceled if you’re outside that 48 hour window but does not include breakfast, it is a room only breakfast excluded rate.  Take your time and select the rate that best suites you. Remember if the rate is different on the same room there is a reason. Selecting the one with the lowest rate may not be the best choice for you. If you ever have a question about a rate please reach out to the party you are booking through they will help you through the process.

If you choose to book Huffman House Bed and Breakfast direct we will always honor the rate you found online.